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Marriage Invitation Wordings In Tamil Quotes

walk in the woods ...

Some stories and tales of our childhood leave footprints so deep in our psyche that we never really forget. They sleep beneath the surface and just a whirlwind, a breath of wind they needed new, vivid and lively. Little Red Riding Hood has that power, that presence.

A classic Victorian finery adorned

From generation to generation, this story - or rather these stories - as multiple versions persist - were transmitted orally. Charles Perrault set one of them. It is this text has chosen to illustrate Francois Amoretti glowing in a beautiful book. Self published in 2008 in bilingual French-Japanese, the book known since December dissemination public at Soleil with a bonus, a series of comics written by Audrey Alwett .

The ink drawings reminiscent of Amoretti in their sensitivity and frenzy of those Tim Burton or Edward Gorey a pioneer in the field. Wonderful and mingle in a macabre dance sensual and surprising. The black and white is enhanced as a tip of a deep red. A perfect combination of colors for this tale whose symbolic significance is probably the reason for its success and longevity. Amoretti gives the Hood
a key Victorian and made her a small gothic-lolita. Besides, another famous girl prowls around like a ghost among the pages with his rabbit and mushrooms ... An illustration work
fly high, close to the comic with a real narrative research. The image does not merely support the text, it enriches a personal dimension and vaguely disturbing dream.

In the bowels of the predator ...

importantly, there are more What happened in the belly of the wolf ... This short is a comic masterpiece which gives back to the dark tale and guts that Perrault has tried to remove him. Charles Perrault's version, with its moralizing end, is not the most overused because it does not yet rescue the masculine element of the hunter who relegates Little Red Riding Hood to the rank of docile girl waiting for a knight knight.
However, it still removes the qualifications when choosing the way to go home grandmother - the needle and pins. It loses a crucial part of the story that has appeal to puberty, menstruation and sexual arousal.

An impromptu meeting ...

You'll understand that the version of Perrault's not my favorite. Yet, after told by Amoretti overwhelmed me. The hardships suffered the Red Riding Hood, how she overcomes them, meetings ... All converge to form part of the traditional fairy tales.
A violent and irreversible transformation occurs in the belly of the predator. And, without revealing the end of the story, it gives off an energy saving. Impossible not to draw a parallel with the fabulous book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run with wolves .
For drawing, Amoretti retains a rather traditional and cutting a single line. By cons, it bends prospects, rounded boxes that are not identified. Its layout resembles an amalgam of cells. And for the finale, he provided two full pages ... This comic has something organic, visceral. A successful narrative and graphic!

Amoretti so happens to highlight the text of Perrault while integrating it into his world particular. He also excels in the performance of the DB to tell an original story. with Little Red Riding Hood , so he signed an album that combines two arts close and yet so different as are the illustrations and comics!

Towards reconciliation with the wild?

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