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"WATER MAKES MONEY" How multinationals
transform water into

money ... we are all concerned!

Supposed to be aired on ARTE the occasion of World Water Day March 22, 2011 at 20:15, despite the filing of defamation proceedings brought by Veolia, the world's No. 1 industry.

Here for you the documentary "Water makes mone" in its entirety ...
Director: Leslie Franke & Lorenz Herdolor
Production: KernFilm

Like the air we breathe, the water is an essential to life. Thus, July 27, 2010, access to drinking water has been incorporated into the Declaration of Human Rights by the Assembly United Nations General. Nevertheless, water remains a prey to the economic interests of multinational companies obsessed with profits. This stranglehold on gold blue affects both developing countries that rich industrialized countries ...

Once a common seeks to revise its water management, the two largest groups in the world of water link their noses. Together they form an oligopoly that hangs over the entire surface of the globe.

In France, for example, they supply nearly 80% of the population. Impact: skyrocketing consumer prices, reduced the water quality, lack of transparency often linked to a climate of corruption ... Even though it is more privatization per se, but public-private partnership, the result is the same: profits are privatized and losses socialized.

The documentary "Water Makes Money" explains how multinational corporations monopolize the distribution of this vital element, creating a confusing alchemy: they transform water into money! The analysis of this phenomenon by experts is complemented by several examples of local, German and French, prey the dominance of these companies offer little concern with quality service. But, like Paris, communities are rising to switch to public ownership. Citizen control of water is necessary and possible ...

note for filmmakers

"Most people do not realize the value of a thing when they lack: Water is one of those things. A human being is 70% water. He must constantly replenish it if not death after 3 days. This is why water, basic food needed has always was a public good, publicly managed. Until today

water supply worldwide is still at 80% public. Drinking water and sanitation are still a local monopoly. Nowhere in the world would move in the same pipes, water separate from competing suppliers. A market is unthinkable. Despite everything that privatizing vital service, replaces a public monopoly with a private monopoly.

Yet that is exactly what is happening around the world in the name of competition and market, where multinational water companies like Suez and Veolia are knocking at the door of Commons short of money. Veolia, multinational born in 2003, following the biggest financial crash in history in France, the Vivendi Universal - Veolia therefore is present in at least 69 countries on five continents and in that the undisputed No. 1 private management of water.

In Germany, the French multinational has managed, through participation in water services over 450 municipalities, to take first place in the drinking water supply and wastewater treatment. French multinationals announce daily for new conquests. They promise efficiency, financing rates and sustainable development. However, at home, in France, they are made less and less confidence ...

Precisely where Veolia and Suez provide water of 8 in 10 citizens, many municipalities want to get rid of both companies, the opacity, poor water quality, a continuous increase in prices and the abuse of their monopoly, that the reproaches made to them. Municipalities have little control if the prices charged match the work performed. Are the billions of royalties paid for the repair of pipes have been used for this purpose? The money from the water of the French communes did not he financed the global expansion of Suez and Veolia?

In Paris, the heart of their power, water giants already have a dangerous wound. The capital and more than a hundred French towns have decided to take control of this vital service. The film

"Water Makes Money" is to inform on the current developments. He wants to show the lessons that Paris and other French towns have drawn from the domination of Veolia & Co and how they manage to regain the public water authority "

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